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Live From Gemini

"The class LOVED the virtual visit... I think it was the highlight of the class!"

Caty Pilachowski, Astronomy Professor, Indiana University,
former President American Astronomical Society

Participation in a Live From Gemini event requires access to a Polycom compatible videoconferencing system capable of supporting participation of a group in a meeting/class-room environment. The program is inquiry-based and adaptable to a wide range of learners who participate in a one-on-one videoconference with an expert host live from one of the Gemini control rooms. During the program students are introduced to the operation of a modern astronomical observatory, the technology that makes observations possible and a sampling of the exciting science explored by one of the world's largest astronomical observatories. Live From Gemini fulfills a wide range of National (and most state) Science Standards for US students as well as international education systems which include, (but are not limited to):

  • understanding about scientific inquiry;
  • understanding about science and technology implementation;
  • science as a human endeavor;
  • science and technology in local, national, and global challenges;
  • interactions of energy and matter;
  • origin and evolution of the universe;
  • nature of scientific knowledge.

In the publication, National Science Education Standards, it is stated that, "The classroom is a limited environment. The school science program must extend beyond the walls of the school to the resources of the community. Our nation's communities have many specialists..." With this in mind, Live From Gemini has been designed to share our resources with a diverse range of learners and expand the walls of the classroom globally. With advance planning, programs can include post-videoconference activities based upon a CD-ROM Virtual Tour. All programs are approximately 45-minutes in duration and include time for a live Q&A session. In addition, programs can be customized in content areas that include:

  • The electromagnetic spectrum;
  • Wavefront optics (adaptive and active optics);
  • Telescopes as time-machines;
  • Concepts in modern astronomy such as planetary system formation;
  • Galactic evolution, stellar evolution, cosmology;
  • Spectroscopy & Imaging instruments and techniques;
  • Other topics on request.

Programs can be scheduled at any time of the day, but require a minimum of two weeks advance booking. Preference will be given to the partner countries participating in Gemini which include: US, UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

Please contact Peter Michaud at to schedule a program today!

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