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Gemini Staff Family Summit Tours

December 17, 2007

On December 8th the first-ever Gemini Staff Family Tour was held at Gemini South. This was followed on December 15th with a Staff Family tour at Gemini North. Over 75 staff and family participated (or led) the tours which gave family members of Gemini’s staff an opportunity to see the Gemini North and South telescope facilities first-hand and see where family members work.

At Gemini North, Tony Matulonis (System Support Associate) put the telescope and enclosure through its motions for the group. Tony’s mom (Anna Trope) wrote that this was, “…An absolutely wonderful tour that was an inspiring learning experience!” Gemini’s Human Resources Recruiter Mahshid Albrecht said that it was an experience she will never forget, and that she “…felt like a little kid!” Finally, Dorothy Fukushima made the comment (several times) that everyone else was feeling from the snowy heights of Mauna Kea, “I am sooooo cold!”

“This is the first time we have done this for staff and families,” said Gemini Director Doug Simons, “and we plan to make this a regular annual event at Gemini.”

Figure 1: Gemini South staff family tour participants on December 8th.

Figure 2: Gemini North staff family tour participants on December 15th attempting to recreate the photo taken at Gemini South a week earlier!

Figure 3: Gemini North staff family tour participants get ready to enter the facility on the snowy heights of Mauna Kea.

Figure 4: Gemini South staff family tour participants assemble outside of Gemini South where the Chilean summer made for a much warmer experience then at Gemini North.

Figure 5: Gemini North staff family tour participants admire the 8-meter primary mirror with Gemini Director Doug Simons.

Figure 6: Gemini Director Doug Simons points to the Gemini North instrument cluster for staff family tour participants.

Figure 7: Gemini Director Doug Simons explains the function of the instrument cluster to participants at the Gemini North staff family tour.

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