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PIT Help

Top Level Help Page for the Gemini Phase I Tool (PIT)

Help is available for each section of the Phase I Tool:

Video tutorials are also available.

The main screen of the PIT is show below. It is divided into three main sections. A menu bar at the top is for file import and export and various preferences. The middle part is made up of two section or tab views. The different sections, "Overview, Time Requests, Scheduling, and Submit" on the left and "Observations, Band 3, and Targets" on the right, are selected using the tab buttons along the bottom of each section window. A "Problems and To Do" section is at the bottom. 

New PIT Overview tab

The main window can be resized by clicking and dragging the lower right corner. The individual section panes can also be resized by hovering the mouse cursor between the panes until the cursor becomes two oppositely-pointing arrows, and then dragging the pane in the direction of the arrows.

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